Easter Cheese Gifts

Looking for an alternative to the chocolate egg this Easter? We offer a wide range of cheese gifts, including a bespoke cheese hamper gift which is guaranteed to delight. We offer a wide range of cheese selections, paired with great wines and a wide range of accompaniments to help you celebrate Easter in style. All our branded gift boxes and cheese hampers are available, with just a flat delivery rate of £6.98. That means you can order as much as you want, and not pay any more for delivery! Our branded cheese hampers.and diverse cheese selection will make the perfect Easter gift for any cheese lover, whether the recipient is a friend or family member.

Build Your Own Cheese Hamper

Not sure about any of our pre-made Easter Cheese Hampers and Gifts! No problem!
With Cheese Cuisine, you can build your own perfect Easter Cheese Hamper, from our diverse range of perfectly paired cheeses, accompaniments, wines and more.
From as little as £30, you can create the perfect Easter cheese hamper, or cheese gifts to make this Easter one you’ll never forget.
For more information, or to start designing your own perfect Easter cheese hamper today, check out our cheese hampers.

Cheese Hamper Gift For Easter FAQs

How Do I Build The Right Cheese Hamper For Easter?

When you choose to create a bespoke cheese hamper from our varied cheese selection, you pay a flat shipping rate of £6.98. After that, you add as many varieties of cheese, wine or accompaniments as you would like! The one delivery charge helps to keep costs low, and still let you give an incredible Easter gift for the cheese lover in your life.

How Many Cheeses, Wines & Accompaniments Should I Pick?

When you’re building a bespoke cheese hamper as an Easter gift from Cheese Cuisine, we’d recommend choosing at least three cheeses, two accompaniments and one bottle of wine, beer or other beverage. Of course, as you’re paying a single delivery fee, you can get significantly more if you so choose. However, choosing from three cheeses, and two accompaniments will give you a variety of flavours and textures in your cheese selection.

Does A Cheese Hamper Make A Great Easter Gift?

Yes, they do! While chocolate eggs, or even cake, might be more traditional, a cheese hamper (particularly when paired with excellent wines), can be a truly unforgettable gift. What’s more, cheese hampers for Easter contain a lot less sugar than chocolate, making them perfect gifts for anyone watching their sugar intake.

The package accompaniment and cheese selections you can choose from at Cheese Cuisine offer a range of tastes and textures, including sweet and savoury to suit your taste buds. In addition to our hamper accompaniments, you can also enhance your cheeses with other fresh food items, including smoked salmon, seed crackers and onion marmalade.

What Drinks Should I Choose For My Cheese Hamper for Easter?

That depends! All of the drinks above have been perfectly paired with our quality UK cheese selection, so whatever mixture you choose, you’ll be left with a delicious cheese board on Easter. Whether you’re looking for alcohol like champagne, beer or wine, or something sweet like port, we are proud to offer a diverse range of drinks that foodies across England, Wales and Scotland are sure to love.

Whether you’re putting together a quality cheese hamper as a gift, or looking to enjoy delicious cheeses yourself, we offer a range of popular Easter cheeses. Some of the most popular cheeses to enjoy at Easter include smoked cheddar, Snowdonia cheese and red leicester. We also provide a variety of creamy cheeses, including brie and other fresh cheese which is perfect when paired with wine, champagne or whatever you choose to enjoy at Easter.

How Much Does Cheese Cuisine Charge For Delivery?

When you’re ordering one of our cheese hampers, we charge a flat delivery fee of £6.98, whatever you put in your basket at checkout. That’s because we deliver your cheese quickly and ensure it arrives at your door as fresh as possible. Our speedy delivery covers all our products, from our cheese selections to accompaniments and alcohol. If you’re looking for fast delivery in the UK, don’t hesitate to shop with Cheese Cuisine today.

Does Cheese Cuisine Offer Wicker Basket Cheese Gifts?

At Cheese Cuisine, we provide branded Cheese Cuisine gift boxes, in addition to hampers which make perfect presentation gifts for Easter, Christmas and other events throughout the year. Our great selection of cheese, accompaniments and wines are available in a range of gift hampers to create the perfect gift. For more information on our festive package promotions, and unbeatable Easter gifts in the UK, check out our website today!

Where Can I Buy Cheese Gifts For Easter?

Cheese Cuisine is the leading provider of Easter cheese gifts, including alternatives to hay hampers. All our gifts contain a great selection of cheeses and accompaniments, including biscuits, food accompaniments and alcohol. Here at Cheese Cuisine, we sell a wide range of England cheeses to suit the occasion. Whether you prefer sweet, savoury or creamy cheese in your basket, purchase our bespoke cheese hampers for Easter! Our checkout process is quick and easy!

How Do I Choose The Right Cheeses For My Friends And Family?

At Cheese Cuisine, we have perfectly paired our great selection of cheese for Easter with delicious food accompaniments and drinks which seem designed to bring out the stunning flavours of our cheese. So long as you choose from our selection of quality cheese hamper ingredients, you can be sure that your friends, family or whomever the recipient might be, will be left with some incredible cheese.

What Makes Easter The Right Occasion To Gift Cheese?

Easter is the perfect occasion to give the gift of Cheese! Easter is a time of rebirth, with the weather starting to get better and Spring blossoming around you. There’s no greater time to enjoy fresh, creamy cheese with your family and friends. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to chocolate eggs, or you’re desperate to enjoy something more unique from independent cheesemakers in England and across the UK, shop our website today.