Treat yourself to the perfect cheeseboard with Cheese Cuisine. 

At Cheese Cuisine, we champion the British cheese industry and are experts in using the best cheese to make the best cheeseboards. Take a look at our complete guide and order the perfect cheeseboard today! 

The Perfect Cheddar Cheeseboard

Cheddar is the UK’s most-popular cheese and a perfect choice for a cheeseboard. A traditional hard cheese, cheddar can be produced in a range of different styles, experimenting with flavour and texture. If you’re looking for the perfect cheddar cheeseboard, look no further than the Cheddar Gorging Cheeseboard available to order online at Cheese Cuisine.

Our simple cheddar cheeseboard consists of three different types of cheddar from around Britain, beginning with the creamy Snowdonia Black Bomber cheese from Wales, the traditional Somerset Farmhouse Cheddar Westcombe, and the boozy Isle of Mull Cheddar from Scotland. The board also includes a tasty Ottervale Westcountry Chutney and Pattersons Oatcakes to complement the cheddar cheeses.

The Perfect Welsh Cheeseboard

At Cheese Cuisine, we celebrate Welsh award-winning cheeses all year round. Our Dragons Welsh Cheeseboard consists of blue, cheddar and crumbly cheeses and takes you on a rich taste tour of the mountains and valleys. Start with the Super Gold Winning Gorwydd Caerphilly, then the whisky kissed Amber Mist cheese from Snowdonia, followed by the creamy and divine Peral Las Organic blue.

Our perfect Welsh Cheeseboard also includes Global Harvest ‘fruits for cheese’ Date and Gold Taste award-winning Stornoway Original Water Biscuits from Stag Bakeries for a delicious accompaniment.

The Perfect Blue Cheeseboard

Marbled with blue veins of mould, the iconic blue cheese is known for its strength, distinctive smell and delicious taste. If you’re looking for the perfect blue cheese cheeseboard, the Feeling Blue Cheeseboard from Cheese Cuisine will handle any cravings.

Our selection of favourite blue cheeses originate from Yorkshire, the Scottish Highlands and Dorset and vary in strength and style. Discover the Super Gold winning ewes milk cheese Mrs Bells Blue, followed by the Scottish produced Blue Murder and completed with the Dorset Blue Vinney. Our blue cheeseboard cheeses are perfectly paired with the snap of Peter’s Spelt and Fig crispbreads and the sweetness of Clare’s Damson Chutney.

The Mongers Perfect Cheeseboard

If you want to know what makes a perfect cheeseboard, it’s best to speak to an expert. After exploring the UK on a road trip with his wife Kate, our cheesemonger Jeremy became enthralled with the taste of British Cheese and has since made it his work to share his passion with the Cheese Cuisine community.

Discover the perfect Mongers Choice Cheeseboard for a taste of Jeremy’s personal favourite cheeses. Indulge in Suffolk’s raw milk Baron Bigod, one of the best Brie’s in the UK,  followed by the outstanding Yorkshire ewes milk cheese Mrs Bells Blue, and the Supreme Champion of the2017 World Cheese Awards Cornish Kern. The Mongers Choice Cheeseboard is finished with simple Global Harvest Figs and Millar’s Charcoal Damsels.

Order the perfect cheeseboard with Cheese Cuisine

Whether you prefer a traditional cheddar or a strong blue cheese, we’ve got the perfect cheeseboard for you at Cheese Cuisine.

Our cheeseboards are ideal for any occasion, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter. Order today and select a delivery date to suit you. We also offer a range of delicious accompaniments from tasty chutneys to oatcakes and crispbreads, and a selection of wine to be perfectly paired with your favourite cheeses. Order the perfect cheeseboard with Cheese Cuisine today or email the team at with any questions.