Friday Night Cheeseboard for 2 to 4 people Spring Edition


Perfect to enjoy as the evenings get longer!


Curds & Croust, Lynher Dairies, Shepherds Purse


Cornwall, Yorkshire




Blue, Crumbly, Soft

Milk Type

Cow, Ewes





It’s been a long tough old winter but the days are getting longer, the weathers getting warmer and soon we will be able to see our friends and family in our gardens! It’s the perfect time for our Spring Edition Cheeseboard.

What’s on the board:  Approximately 650g of cheese including Mrs Bells Blue, Cornish Yarg and Mini Boy Laity Paired with Devon Chutney and Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crips.

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Your cheese will arrive wrapped in speciality cheese paper and we recommend you refrigerate it as soon as it arrives. We recommend using your cheese within five days of purchase, however, many cheeses will last far longer. To serve, take your cheese out of the fridge, unwrap, and let it come to room temperature before serving (about an hour). To see more about taking care of cheese click here.

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Let us do the work!

An opportunity for foodies and friends to explore new and different cheeses or classic favourites without the hassle of a subscription service, ‘cheesy’ tasting notes and over-the-top packaging. It’s
your dinner or dessert, just to sit back and enjoy. So whenever you fancy a nibble, we’re here.

What’s on the board?

It’s essentially a cheese and biscuit hamper.

Every Friday evening, we will post next week’s board on all our social media platforms and give plenty of info on each cheese and product included. There will always be three cheeses, biscuits and a side, plus suggestions for drinks and additions.

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It’s perfectly acceptable to keep your boards until Saturday or Sunday, even Monday if you fancy. It’s your weekend, enjoy it when you want. Even as a cheeky midnight snack.