The Festive Season is almost upon us, and you know what that means: time to think about all things Christmas! Baubles and tinsel, gifts for loved ones, gifts for workmates or even a pressie for yourself (and why not, we say!). Christmas food hampers spread good cheer, show thoughtfulness and – let’s all be honest – takes a bit of stress out of deciding what to get for those that have everything.

Let’s get out the sherry and start thinking about how best to stuff our faces! We’ve got some ideas on how to make a cheese and wine Christmas hamper extra special. Here are our top picks on what goes into a Cheese and Wine Hamper.

The Cheese and The Wine

Christmas cheese hamper

A great example of a Christmas hamper from our Fromage & Fiction subscription.

Include some different styles of cheese; the portions of each cheese serving don’t have to be large. For Christmas time, a classic combination of British cheeses would be a Cheddar, a Stilton and a Brie – this selection includes a hard cheese, a blue cheese and a soft cheese – a flavour and texture variety that most will love.

Most associate red wine with our Christmas tables, and red wine is also a luxurious touch to a cheese and wine hamper. A Pinot Noir is an excellent all-rounder as it is easy to pair with festive treats and most cheeses.  A Pinot Noir is also the best red to choose if you want to make mulled wine.

If you prefer something lighter, a Chenin Blanc or Rosé fits the bill quite nicely, or a bottle of Processo is almost mandatory! 

Seasonal Classics

Add a few packets of nuts. Walnuts and pecan nuts are Christmas time staples. You can add mince pies and preserves – a lovely spiced plum or fig preserve screams Christmas time. Or you could include a traditional Christmas pudding – whatever makes Christmas feel like Christmas, sometimes you should break the rules when you want to make a hamper more personal.

Christmas Confectionery

You’ll be popular if you include treats for chocolate enthusiasts in your hamper! Include some delicious delights – who can resist some chocolate truffles, a chocolate cup or a good old fashioned slab of choc? For people who enjoy baking their own cupcakes, consider adding a triple-chocolate cupcake kit – yum!

Small Touches for Someone Special

If you are thinking of adding that extra touch to your Christmas cheese and wine hamper, try to include some small “stocking filler” gifts.  For instance, a small cheese knife set or add some gorgeous decorations for the Christmas tree. A hand-knitted scarf for mum or your best friends favourite lippie Small intimate gifts are always a pleasant surprise and always appreciated.

You can be as creative as you like when deciding what to include – there are no rules here! Best of all, Cheese Cuisine offer a fantastic range of cheese and wine hampers – with plenty of suggested food sides to complement, and if you check out our Fromage & Fiction hampers, you may just find that perfect book lovers gift too!