Who doesn’t love a great cheese hamper? Especially when paired with wine and other delicious accompaniments?

Cheese hampers make perfect corporate gifts. Whether you are looking to send a special gift to employees, partners, or clients, a hamper comes with everything they need to indulge.

Below are four reasons why a cheese hamper is the best corporate present:

Cheese Hampers let the recipients try something new

No two cheeses are alike. In fact, even cheeses with the same name can taste very different, depending on who produced them. Cheese hampers not only allow recipients to taste their favourites, but it opens unique flavours to them that they might never have tasted before.

The chance to sample a variety of cheeses with ease, instead of being limited to slowly working their way through cheese from the supermarket, makes a hamper a fun and exciting corporate gift that any cheese lover will appreciate.

The products we sell at Cheese Cuisine are often local and highly bespoke. Browse our extensive cheese counter today!

Cheese hampers are customisable

Filling a cheese hamper with items that the recipient loves is the perfect way of showing them that you care. They can include different flavour combinations suitable for a specific theme or inspiration that is tailored to their liking.

Cheese Cuisine offers a variety of pre-arranged corporate cheese hampers to choose from, featuring an array of cheese types and flavour options. For example, our ‘Classic Corporate Collection’ comes with three classic British cheeses that everyone is sure to love, whereas the ‘Sheep, Goat, and Buffalo Corporate Collection’ is ideal for those who are more adventurous.

The hampers are described by ingredients, size, and how they are packaged to help you find the right one for your corporate gift. So, whether your recipient is a die-hard cheese eater or likes to stick to the classics, tailoring your hamper is a sure way of impressing them.

Add a personalised gift item

Not only can you tailor the selection of cheeses that they receive, but you can opt for a personalised gift item to go with the cheese collection too. Cheese Cuisine gives you the option at check-out to include a personal message on a gift card, with information letting the recipient know how they can find out about the products on our website.

Sometimes it’s the little things that count, and personal messages can be a great way to make corporate gifts extra special.

Cheese hampers include extras

The accompaniments and beverages that typically come with a cheese hamper allows the recipient to enjoy the cheese in various ways they might not have considered before. It is a fun way to be introduced to relishes, crackers, chutneys, wine, beers, and other items that go well with the flavour of certain cheeses.

At Cheese Cuisine, our hampers from our Corporate Collection include a pack of Stags Water Biscuits and a chutney (Ottervale Devon Chutney or Clare’s Old Bakehouse Chutney) or relish (Clare’s Carrot and Ginger Relish), with some hampers also coming with a bottle of the finest wine (De Wetshof Bon Vallon Chardonnay, Cremant D’Alsace Brut Jean Baptiste Adam N.V, Domaine De L’Armet Marselan, or Chateau Bechereau).

Cheese Hampers are fit for any occasion

One of the things that make cheese hampers such ideal corporate gifts is that they fit all occasions and requirements. They are a thoughtful gesture for any situation, making them a great gift all-round.

What’s more, most hampers come in a variety of traditional wicker baskets and appealing presentation boxes that can be re-purposed for anything once it has been emptied. From reusing the basket as a planter to put on your kitchen windowsill or to pop some soft throws in, the possibilities are endless.

Order Perfect Corporate Gifts with Cheese Cuisine

Here at Cheese Cuisine, our cheese hampers make delightful corporate gifts for anyone to enjoy. The variety of cheese flavours can be fun and exciting to try, with the accompaniments making the hamper all the more special.

Order the perfect cheeseboard from our Corporate Collection today or email the team at  hello@cheesecuisine.co.uk with any questions.